Every time I manage to progress and I move through a block or personal struggle, or release a harmful habit, or let go of the need to know an outcome, my personal magic increases exponentially.

I am reminded that my ability to transform my world has everything to do with how much I commit to my own transformation.

When we commit to working on ourselves from the inside out, and outside in; the Universe, Divine, God, Angels, whoever your guide may be, LISTEN. We start to notice that by stepping into our true power, the Universe, Divine, God or Angels etc begin to give us what we are working at achieveing. Manifestations begin to become reality, and anything we thought was a dream starts to become the truth of our existence.

For some reason, not by coincidence, I keep getting reminded that the more certain of ourselves we can be, the better. It sets the steps to realizing that when there is no other way, the only way is success. Then, magic happens.

I know this is hard for us, as a species, to grasp. I am challenged at the moment with this truth. But everyday I try to remember that a lot of successful people have no plan B, as it distracts from plan A. So I focus on my wildest dreams and know they are soon to become my reality. I take the active steps in healing, believing and working at becoming my best self.

At present I am working on a technique, maybe you want to try it, it is more challenging than it sounds…

The idea is to FEEL and FILL your life with a sense of excitement, like everything you are doing is riveting and gives you excited butterflies. And the goal of this action is to feel so super excited that it is hard to sleep. You are excited about each new day to come. Entering each day high vibed and full of a zest for life….

It’s a challenge.

A beautiful, encouraging, humbling challenge. How much we take for granted, how much we already have that should/could and can make us excited, and how much we dismiss in the blah’s of life. But most importantly if we focus on the good, even better things happen.

So I focus on plan A, and that is it. Bring my joy and excitement into focus and go for the success of my wildest dreams.

It is time to trust and take heed of the gifts around us. There is guidance, support and love always with us, believing in us, and working with us for our highest good.

Yes some days suck, but other days don’t…If it is not working make a change…EMPOWER YOUR DIVINE SELF, then the Universe, Divine, God and/or Angels will be forced to recognize your effort and plant the reward of success by giving you your well earned plan A. A much deserved, and successfully earned reward.

Keep going folks…

Just when you think you can’t; you can, you do, you are…

Love and light

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Live life, love hard, play gentle respect and flow

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Jemima Godsall

Jemima Godsall

Live life, love hard, play gentle respect and flow

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